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Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias Grantham and NewarkPhobias can easily be addressed using cognitive hypnotherapy techniques, metaphor, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy, EFT and kinesiology techniques to help learn new behaviour patterns i.e. a calm reaction rather than a panic comeback.
In hypnotherapy this is achieved through teaching relaxation, and visualisation techniques for systematic desensitisation. This changes the way your brain processes information, which will in turn change the way you react and behave creating a new patterning, so you can see the previously feared situation, object or circumstance in a new and non threatening light.

Sometimes, if a phobia is more deep rooted as can be with social phobia or severe agoraphobia, it may be necessary to look at childhood issues – often this is where they stem from. In many cases, these phobias can become so severe that people avoid events, places, and people that are likely to trigger an anxiety attack.

The number of sessions that will be needed to clear the fear or phobia will depend upon a number of points, not least, the type of person you are, your maturity, your desire to overcome the phobia, and of course, how ingrained the fear or phobia is and how long it has been with you.

However, on average about 4 sessions is usual. This can be much longer in some cases, especially where the panic attacks are severe and happening very regularly and are associated to childhood issues or a particularly difficult trauma episode.

An A to Z List of Phobias Treated at the Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices in Grantham`s Town Centre

If your fear or phobia is not featured on this comprehensive list, please contact the clinic to confirm, as this list is not exhaustive.
Hypnosis Treatments for Fears and Phobias in Grantham


  • Agoraphobia – Fear of open spaces or crowds.
  • Aichmophobia – Fear of needles or pointed objects.
  • Amaxophobia – Fear of riding in a car.
  • Androphobia – Fear of men.
  • Anginophobia – Fear of angina or choking.
  • Anthrophobia – Fear of flowers.
  • Anthropophobia – Fear of people or society.
  • Aphenphosmphobia – Fear of being touched.
  • Arachnophobia – Fear of spiders.
  • Arithmophobia – Fear of numbers.
  • Astraphobia – Fear of thunder and lightening.
  • Ataxophobia – Fear of disorder or untidiness.
  • Atelophobia – Fear of imperfection.
  • Atychiphobia – Fear of failure.
  • Autophobia – Fear of being alone.


  • Bacteriophobia – Fear of bacteria.
  • Barophobia – Fear of gravity.
  • Bathmophobia – Fear of stairs or steep slopes.
  • Batrachophobia – Fear of amphibians.
  • Belonephobia – Fear of pins and needles.
  • Bibliophobia – Fear of books.
  • Botanophobia – Fear of plants.


  • Cacophobia – Fear of ugliness.
  • Catagelophobia – Fear of being ridiculed.
  • Catoptrophobia – Fear of mirrors.
  • Chionophobia – Fear of snow.
  • Chromophobia – Fear of colours.
  • Chronomentrophobia – Fear of clocks.
  • Claustrophobia – Fear of confined spaces.
  • Coulrophobia – Fear of clowns.
  • Cyberphobia – Fear of computers.
  • Cynophobia – Fear of dogs.


  • Dendrophobia – Fear of trees.
  • Dentophobia – Fear of dentists.
  • Domatophobia – Fear of houses.
  • Dystychiphobia – Fear of accidents.


  • Ecophobia – Fear of the home.
  • Elurophobia – Fear of cats.
  • Entomophobia – Fear of insects.
  • Ephebiphobia – Fear of teenagers.
  • Equinophobia – Fear of horses.


  • Gamophobia – Fear of marriage.
  • Genuphobia – Fear of knees.
  • Glossophobia – Fear of speaking in public.
  • Gynophobia – Fear of women.


  • Heliophobia – Fear of the sun.
  • Hemophobia – Fear of blood.
  • Herpetophobia – Fear of reptiles.
  • Hydrophobia – Fear of water.
  • Hypochonria – Fear of illness.


  • Iatrophobia – Fear of doctors.
  • Insectophobia – Fear of insects.


  • Koinoniphobia – Fear of rooms.


  • Leukophobia – Fear of the colour white.
  • Lilapsophobia – Fear of tornadoes and hurricanes.
  • Lockiophobia – Fear of childbirth.

Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias in NewarkM

  • Mageirocophobia – Fear of cooking.
  • Megalophobia – Fear of large things.
  • Melanophobia – Fear of the colour black.
  • Microphobia – Fear of small things.
  • Mysophobia – Fear of dirt and germs.


  • Necrophobia – Fear of death or dead things.
  • Noctiphobia – Fear of the night.
  • Nosocomephobia – Fear of hospitals.
  • Nyctophobia – Fear of the dark.


  • Obesophobia – Fear of gaining weight.
  • Octophobia – Fear of the figure 8.
  • Ombrophobia – Fear of rain.
  • Ophidiophobia – Fear of snakes.
  • Ornithophobia – Fear of birds.


  • Papyrophobia – Fear of paper.
  • Pathophobia – Fear of disease.
  • Pedophobia – Fear of children.
  • Philophobia – Fear of love.
  • Phobophobia – Fear of phobias !!!
  • Podophobia – Fear of feet.
  • Porphyrophobia – Fear of the colour purple.
  • Pteridophobia – Fear of ferns.
  • Pteromerhanophobia – Fear of flying.
  • Pyrophobia – Fear of fire.


  • Samhainophobia – Fear of Halloween.
  • Scolionophobia – Fear of school.
  • Selenophobia – Fear of the moon.
  • Sociophobia – Fear of social evaluation.
  • Somniphobia – Fear of sleep.


  • Tachophobia – Fear of speed.
  • Technophobia – Fear of technology.
  • Tonitrophobia – Fear of thunder.
  • Toxiphobia – Fear of poison or being poisoned.
  • Trypanophobia – Fear of needles / injections.


  • Venustraphobia – Fear of beautiful women.
  • Verminophobia – Fear of germs.


  • Wiccaphobia – Fear of witches and witchcraft.


  • Xenophobia – Fear of strangers or foreigners.


  • Zoophobia – Fear of animals.

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Hypnotherapy for Fears and Phobias

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