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Hypnotherapy for Stress in Grantham – Positive Stress or “eustress” can bring excitement to Life for it focuses the mind, improves motivation to do your best which often leads to you to taking up a challenging project and in due course achieving your goals. It increases self-esteem.

If we didn`t have any stress in life, we wouldn`t have fulfilment. We would be bored, we wouldn`t do anything and we would be lifeless !Hypnotherapy for Stress in Newark

However, negative stress or “distress” which a person feels when they feel they cannot handle things due to excessive pressure over prolonged periods of time can lead to feelings of distress within your body. Your body cannot return to a relaxed state because your emergency stress response is “on” most of the time and you cannot shut it off. This can lead to depression, anxiety, persistent hostile or angry feelings, increased frustration with minor annoyances, nervousness, lack of concentration, perceptions of low self-confidence and feelings of sunken self-worth, lower self esteem and other mental health issues due to the inability to adapt to stress and switch off.

THypnosis for Stress Newarkhis sort of Stress or distress can result from any number and combination of sources such as major life events to small daily problems.

Examples are: chronic pain or ill-health, relationship difficulties, family expectations and financial problems to work demands and change and uncertainties.

Everyone is different and reacts to stress and distress differently. What can be a challenge for some is overpowering for others and depends largely upon one`s past and emotions, one`s signature strengths and individual life experiences.

Signs and symptoms of excess negative stress

The following table lists some of the common warning signs and symptoms of stress. The more signs, expression and evidence you experience in yourself, the closer you may be to stress excess and poor health at hand as long-term exposure to stress can lead to serious health problems. The Mind and body are inextricably linked and the interaction between them can produce physical changes.

If stress becomes persistent, all parts of the body’s stress apparatus (the brain, heart, lungs, blood vessels, and muscles) become chronically over-activated. This can elevate blood pressure, raise the risk of cardiovascular disease, suppress the immune system, make you more susceptible to infection, vulnerable to allergies and autoimmune diseases (including arthritis and multiple sclerosis), aggravate skin problems, trigger symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), lead to muscular pain, contribute to infertility, and speeds up the ageing process. Long-term stress due to the inability to adapt to stress can even change the brain, leaving you more vulnerable to the onset of anxiety and depression.

Warning Signs and Symptoms
  • Memory problems
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Indecision and poor judgement
  • Focusing only the negative
  • Anxious or racing thoughts
  • Feeling out of control, overwhelmed, confused
  • Constant worrying
  • Moodiness
  • Irritability or short temper
  • Agitation, anger, inability to relax
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Sense of loneliness and isolation
  • Depression or general unhappiness
  • Irrational fears
  • Aches and pains
  • Diarrhoea or constipation
  • Nausea, dizziness
  • Chest pain, rapid heartbeat
  • Loss of libido (sex drive)
  • Increasing muscle spasms, headaches, fatigue, and shortness of breath
  • Frequent colds and flu
  • Eating more or less
  • Sleeping too much or too little
  • Isolating yourself from others
  • Feeling rejected and not able to discuss your problems with others
  • Procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities
  • Using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax
  • Nervous habits (e.g. nail biting, grinding teeth)

However, all this can be helped with Stress Hypnotherapy in Grantham.

Stress Management NewarkStress Hypnotherapy Grantham, and Newark with Dr. Michael G Millett at the “Clinic of Hypnotherapy and Holistic Practices” in Grantham`s Town Centre can help people to manage the physical and psychological consequences of stress more effectively whilst positively influencing their experience of unmistakable stressors.

Michael will assess your unique situation to identify and explore the causes, symptoms and triggers of stress as they are personally experienced by you. The physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural consequences of that stress are then investigated in depth.

A stress hypnotherapy treatment programme at Hypnotherapy in Grantham with Michael uses deep relaxation hypnosis initially to lower the physical stress response or “fight-or-flight” reaction, easing away tension and allowing your body the opportunity to rest and repair. By anchoring the physical and psychological sensations of deep relaxation, clients can be taught how to re-create and activate their own relaxation response and those positive feelings again whenever they wish or feel it is necessary in their lives in the future through self-hypnosis.

In Michael`s stress Hypnotherapy Grantham sessions, he works to reprogramme your cognitive response to stress, and to also help you achieve various healthy lifestyle changes that can reduce the amount of stress you encounter in your life. These suggestions can raise alternative, more effective ways of dealing with specific stressors as they arise.

Stress Hypnosis in Newark

He will also bring in a variety of techniques to address negative habits you`ve been using to cope with stress, like smoking or compulsive eating. Past memories that may be interfering with the present are focused on too if applicable, so that the emotional and cognitive influence on the present and future are reduced.

Michael is very skilled at using hypnosis and hypnotherapy to alleviate stress. Over many years he has helped countless people control and manage their stress. He can help you too at Stress Hypnotherapy Grantham, and Newark.


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