Testimonials Grantham and Newark

Testimonials from Clients from Grantham and Newark

Here are some of the lovely and very positive comments again from local clients sent to me since relocating from London and setting up my new practice in Grantham at Christmas 2011. These are a handful of testimonials from Jan – April 2013.


Hypnosis Testimonials GranthamMany more have been passed around by word of mouth due to many referrals from more new clients throughout Nottingham, Lincoln, Newark, Grantham, Peterborough and the East Midlands. Thank you all so much. ~ Michael

IBS Hypnotherapy
The changes after just one session with you have been brilliant. I feel so much more calm since I seen you and the pain is hardly there most of the time. Looking forward to our session next week Michael. I am practicing the self-hypnosis sheet you gave me.  I can’t thank you enough“.
Sue K from Gonerby Hill Foot, Grantham (1 session – more to come)
IBS Hypnotherapy Grantham

Pain Management with EFT
Michael, your `energy therapy is` amazing and I am regularly applying it when the pain goes over a level 2 or 3. It`s keeping it there and I feel much more able to cope. See you next Friday. Thank you“.
FD from Sleaford (2 sessions)
Pain Management Grantham

Hypnotherapy for Procrastination
I have reorgainsed everything and have time for all the things I wanted to do but just couldn`t get around to doing. It has helped me re-evaluate my priorities. Through the hypnotherapy we did, I get things done in the first half of the day, and am able to do what I want after that – even relaxing and I don`t feel guilty. Feeling on top of the world and yes, really positive and organised now. This is such a big help to me“.
Martin G from Lincoln (4 sessions)
Hypnotherapy for Procrastination in Grantham

Just want to thank you Michael for all you have done to help me. We are blessed to have you in Grantham. I felt safe and listened to with you and you took what I said very seriously. Your questions got me really thinking and I have acted on some of the suggestions you made which resulted in very positive changes at work which has also changed my outlook at home too. I still remember the many sayings you have which make me smile even thinking about them ! My husband thinks he has a new wife which is very funny but we are both pleased about that. Thank you for everything and especially your unwavering kindness to me“.
Becky from Grantham (5 sessions)
Counselling in Grantham

Counselling Testimonial in NewarkCounselling and Psychotherapy
Michael you gave me such hope in the first session when I had none. I will never really forget that. You lifted me right up and I haven`t ever really come down again since. It just went from good to better after that. You will remember I was stuck with my feelings overpowering my ability to make the right decision, in fact the only decision that could be made given the circumstances. I now have made that right decision and have moved on with no regrets. It`s been wonderful and liberating and thank you so much“.
Samantha from Newark (6 sessions)
Psychotherapy in Grantham

Quit Smoking Session
Sill off the fags Michael and it`s been 6 weeks now. Feeling great. Had a few sticky moments but I remembered what you told me to do and it worked really well. My mate Tony is to give you a ring about coming round“.
Andy from Grantham (1 session)
Stop Smoking Hypnosis Grantham

Weight Loss
Hi Michael, I lost 5lbs after our second session which was a huge surprise and delight for me. I do feel so much more in control now and the comfort eating thing we discussed is changing already. I feel good. See you in a week again“.
Anna from Barrowby (2 sessions – more to come)
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy in Grantham

Drug and Alcohol Reduction
Hello Michael, You will be pleased to hear that you have been getting results with me. It`s really working and I am very grateful to you and what we have been doing. Feeling good. It`s been 2 months now since the last session, and I want to book some more sessions to work on the other issue we discussed“.
Dave R from West Bridgford, Nottingham (4 sessions)
Hypnotherapy for Addictions in Grantham

Fears and Phobias
I have been doing really well. I went to Nottingham do some Christmas shopping with my sister, challenging my phobia of crowds and crowded places. I really enjoyed the day but spent too much money !! Planning now to take a summer holiday and yes, in a busy place ! Thanks and Love“.
Sarah J from Grantham (3 sessions)
Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias in Grantham

EFT Testimonial in NewarkNail Biting
Hey Michael, I stopped biting after the second session which was 2 months ago. Looking forward to my first manicure next week. My mum wants to see you for relaxation. She`s pretty stressed out. I am really happy and thanks for everything“.
Emma from Grantham (2 sessions)
Hypnotherapy for Nail Biting in Grantham

Past Life Regression
“It was a great session and so glad I did it. I really do feel different about things now with us healing the pattern that was present in the past life and was in this life but in a different way. I would like to do more of this work with you as it`s so fascinating. Thank you for a powerful and positive experience“.
Claire from Leicester (1 session)
Past Life Regression in Grantham

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